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About Tuttle Capital Management

Tuttle Capital Management (TCM) is viewed by peers in the financial industry as an innovative leader in offering ETFs addressing the ever-changing demands and trends of today’s markets. TCM continually seeks to position itself at the forefront of the ETF market, determining what investors need, often well before the demand is realized by the general market.

The first ETF was launched in 1993. In the years since, a number of ETFs have come to market and the technology around ETFs has improved substantially. However, the basic product structure hasn’t changed. In general, ETFs then, and now, are primarily based on broad-based indices, sectors, or industries and rebalance infrequently. Markets have changed, but many ETFs haven’t. Today we have, among others, memes, themes, Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs), social media, and payment for order flow. Yesterday’s ETF structure doesn’t fully address the opportunities and risks in today’s markets. This leaves many portfolios exposed to threats that, in our opinion, should be hedged and uninvested in areas that can add returns and diversification.

TCM develops innovative ETFs based on one of two simple guiding questions:

1) How can investors successfully hedge risk without giving up returns?

2) What areas of the market should investors have exposure to that they don’t already have, and what is the optimal way to get that exposure? 

Our cutting-edge ETFs can serve a number of roles in portfolios, from fixed-income replacement, to tail-risk protection, to meme stocks.

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