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“Sam Bankman-Fried doles out credit lines to save crypto institutions. He’s the new JP Morgan” Jim Cramer 6/22/22 Twitter


“Cathie Wood’s 40% Return Prediction Draws Rebuke After Ark’s Rough Year” Bloomberg 12/20/21


“SEC Alleges $100 Million Stock Manipulation Scheme Via Social Media” MarketWatch 12/14/2022


“The King of SPACs Wants You To Know He’s the Next Warren Buffett” Bloomberg 2/12/2021

Investors deserve better than this. Investing should be about making money. Now it seems focused on having a globally diversified portfolio tailored to your risk tolerance and financial goals, measured against some benchmark. Follow the money; the reason for this isn’t because that’s a better way. Investors can and should expect better. To do better requires education, but unfortunately the logical places to go to get educated about money and markets have largely failed.

At Tuttle Capital Management (“TCM”), we want to help educate investors about different ways to allocate and manage assets. TCM strives to create innovative portfolio management tools coupled with investment strategies designed to help mitigate risks and potentially enhance returns.

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